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Augusta Metal Roofing
I worked as a local contactor serving the greater Augusta area for 25 years. Tired of the demand as general contactor and seeing the opportunity in the metal roofing industry and the ageing homes in Maine in need of new roofing systems I decided the Metal Roofing Business was my new trade.

How well do metal roofing systems stand up to the elements
Properly installed metal roofing will withstand inclement weather(high winds,hail,snow,and rain) better than any other roofing material. Metal easily sheds snow and ice and does not absorb water,which can lead to cracking and rotting in the freeze-thaw cycling in other materials.

30 year Guarantee!!! Lower lifetime Cost
Although the initial cost of metal roof systems may be higher than shingles,the cost/benefits ratio over the life of the roof is superior to that of a shingle system and far superior to shakes,slate,or tiles.

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